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Once you have made the decision of which one of our fabulous luxury yachts for charter in Ibiza, the next delightful challenge you will face is, where your journey will take you?

The coastline of Ibiza and her sister island, the idyllic Formentera are simply incomparable to anywhere in the world. The dazzling beauty of the azure turquoise waters simply have to be seen to be believed, and spending a day at sea is something everyone who visits Ibiza must experience.

With so many hidden bays, islets and islands, beachclubs, bars and hotels to choose from, making a decision on where your adventure will start and end can be somewhat overwhelming, therefore, we have combined our love of the islands and the shores that surround them, with a little insider knowledge to advise and guide you on your journey.

Chezz Gerdi, Es Pujols

An ambient soundtrack complements the atmosphere, a wonderful sundowner spot.

As well as being smooth and sophisticated, Chezz Gerdis also a fabulous sunset spot, and one of our favourite places to spend and end the day.

The kaleidoscopic coloured day beds offer a perfect place to soak up the inimitable Formentera vibe after yet another idyllic day at sea. 

Beso Beach

One of our favourite places for a long leisurely lunch.

Beso Beach is a recently new player on the Formentera scene, yet has quickly gained an excellent and well-deserved reputation to rival some of the longer established beach clubs on the island. A combination of elegant decor, feet in the sand, boho vibe, and excellent seafood menu,

plus of course, its prime location makes it one of our favourite places for a long leisurely lunch, and as the sun goes down, the tempo goes up as the resident DJ´s up the vibe to a party feel, and it´s not unusual to see guests dancing on the tables as day turns to dusk.

Juan Y Andrea, Playa Illetes

A day spent in this most elegant of locations is a true indulgence.

Possibly the most well known and sought after places to dine on Formentera is the eternally popular Juan Y Andrea. This family-run fine dining destination has been serving the most discerning of clientele for decades.

It´s not unusual to see a super model or two enjoying the elegant ambience and even the King of Spain is a regular visitor. Famous for their freshly caught fish and sumptuous cuts of meat, a day spent in this most elegant of locations is a true indulgence.


This little slice of paradise boasts some of the most crystalline waters.

Ibiza´s little sister, the small yet perfectly formed island of Formentera is fast becoming the place where people head to when they want to escape the crowds, shake off the post party blues and simply relax.

This little slice of paradise boasts some of the most crystalline waters to be found anywhere in the world, and is also home to some of the most divine beach clubs you could possibly dream of. Here is our pick of the very best.


Revered by many as a sacred and spiritual place


Another ancient and magical place that so many are drawn to is Atlantis, officially named Sa Pedrera. This ancient quarry provided the rock used to make many of the beautiful, historic buildings we still see today in Ibiza. The formidable cliffside has been worn away by the winds and tides over centuries to create a simply stunning rock formation.

Revered by many as a sacred and spiritual place, due to its positioning near the aforementioned Es Vedra, if you get close enough, you can marvel at the carvings and drawings etched into the rocks dating back hundreds of years, created by those brave souls who made the steep climb down the beaten path to revel in this place of natural beauty and mystery.

Es Vedra

The mountain is said to have magical powers.

The bay of Cala D´Hort is dominated by the magnificent sight of Es Vedra, a rocky mountain off the southern coast. The mountain is said to have magical powers and local legend names it as the home of Tanit, the goddess of fertility.

Not only does the sheer size and sight of this mystical rock attract thousands of visitors each and every year, it is also said to be the third most magnetic place on earth, adding to the mystery of this most famous of Ibiza landmarks.

These are just a few of our recommendations, it would be impossible to list them all here, however if your chosen restaurant or beach club is not shown here, then simply contact us and we will ensure you have the very best table in the house on the day of your charter.
The Ibiza nightclubs are amongst the finest in the world, and the island boasts over 50 breathtaking Ibiza beaches, watch this space for more information on these subjects coming soon in our blog.

At IBIZA BAY, we have has spent several years building close, personal relationships with the owners and staff at all of the very best Ibiza restaurants, bars and beachclubs, meaning that wherever you desire to dine, drink or dance, we can make it happen.

When you choose your yacht charter with IBIZA BAY, nothing is impossible.